During a well testing cleanup job of a dry gas well flowing through a choke manifold directly to the flare, and when the critical flow condition is achieved, you can estimate the gas flow rate of the well using the Texas A&I gas estimate formulas.

Simply connect to the Texas A&I Gas Estimate and enter the well input for the calculation of the gas rate.

Lawej, le site numéro 1 en Tunisie pour la recherche de professionels
 qualifiés: artisans, techniciens ou cadres, en Tunisie ou ailleures.

Avec des avis, des évaluations et une vérification, Lawej est l’application qui vous donne les outils dont vous avez besoin pour embaucher en toute confiance.

Recherchez parmi une liste de professionels vérifiés et évalués.

Lisez les avis et les commentaires soumises par les autres utilisateurs de pros.

Ajoutez des avis et des commentaires pour les pros que vous avez embauchés.

Ecrivez un message pour le pro que vous avez selectioné et que vous désirez le contacter.

Les professionels avec un badge vérifié ont réussi une vérification des antécédents criminels B3 et sont titulaires d’un certificat de formation professionel ou d’un diplôme.

Connectez-vous dès maintenant pour commencer

The effective way to prepare for your assessment is to follow these steps:

1- First of all, start to go through the previous warmups, review them and try to to redo them.

2- Secondly, don’t make review untill a late hours, but try to get enough sleep and rest in order to be fresh the day of the assessment.

3- Finally, make sure you cover as much lecture as you can.

In order to have a meaning in our life, we should set goals that we need to work on achieving them.

For example every period of time I need to set up new goals for myself to work on to achieve no matter the time it will takes, I will make sure to work on my objectives and goals and face all the challenges and problems that I may encounter.

Without goals and objectives in our life we will have no sense of living, and our life will be just monotonous and useless.

Finally, I believe that setting goals is a good practice to get a meaning for living and to have taste of an enjoyable life.

First of all, an array is kind of table that contain values with an ordered indexes. Wheras an object contains values related to a specific keys.

Actually, the array is one type of the objects. The objects are used to define things in a more human meaningfull way: instead of indexing the values with numbers, we choose a meaningfull names, called keys, to index the values inside an object.

The access to the values inside the object will be more user friendly than in an array, especially when we will need to model our computer data. This concept is called the Object Oriented Programming or OOP that programmers use in the JavaScript programming language.

I don’t think that a supportive feedback can mislead the receiver evaluating his own performance.

In fact a positive feedback will make the receiver believing in himself and encourage him to do better and better in the future. Like so he will improve his performance and excell in the following endevaour.

On the other hand the receiver is always expecting a supportive and positive feedback that would encourage him and leverage his selfconfidence.

From another perspective, a supportive feedback could be seen as an effort recognition that every person on earth is expecting to get to help him progress in his life and in the projects he is doing.

Finally, we can conclude that supportive feedbacks does not mislead receivers evaluating their own performance.


This is the blogging page of K web services. Kws is a freelance to develop reliable web solutions and applications for the oil and gas industry.

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